Sanremo 2019, Loredana Berté: the Festival rock soul


Loredana Berté at Sanremo Festival 2019: the song in competition “Cosa ti aspetti da me” and all the curiosities.


Loredana Berté will be competing again in Sanremo festival after seven years of absence. Veteran on the stage of the Ariston, it will be her eleventh participation in the contest. Our Rock Queen will be presenting “Cosa ti aspetti da me” (“What do you expect from me”), penned by Gaetano Curreri, Gerardo Pulli and Piero Romitelli. Let’s find out everything you have to know about Loredana’s coming back to Sanremo.


Sanremo 2019 with “Cosa ti aspetti da me”

Loredana Berté should have been back to the stage of Sanremo Song Contest already last year: among the big candidates, she eventually decided not to accept the very last minute proposal came from the artistic commission of Sanremo, that wanted Loredana in the competition with a song written by Biagio Antonacci instead of the song that Loredana already proposed to the commission. This year things went smoothly and Loredana will finally come back to Sanremo 2019 on her own way, with a song written by Gaetano Curreri, Gerardo Pulli and Piero Romitelli: “Cosa ti aspetti da me”. The song tells about the weight of expectations, in relationships and in life in general, and the pain resulting from that confusion, without knowing what you want, or even worse what the others do expect and want from you, often the biggest cause of misunderstanding and suffering. On Friday evening, at the occasion of the special night of the festival dedicated to the duets, Loredana Berté will be presenting the song together with Irene Grandi.


The previous participations at the Festival

Her Loredana Berté in this 69th edition of the Festival will mark her eleventh tim on the stage of Sanremo. She debuts at Sanremo in 1986 with the song “Re” (“King”); her performance was really controversial, as Loredana decided to perform with a pregnant woman’s baby bump. In order to avoid other distructions and unnecessary controversy, for this year Loredana has decided that she will not reserve “special effects” for the public: she wants the attention to remain on the song in the competition.

Here are her previous participations at Sanremo Song Contest:

1986 with “Re” (“King”) – 9th place

1988 with “Io” (“Me”) – 16th place

1991 with “In questa città” (“In this city”) – 18th place

1993 with “Stiamo come stiamo” (“We stay as we stay”), paired with his sister Mia Martini – 14th place

1994 with “Amici non ne ho” (“I haven’t friends”) – 13th place

1995 with “ANGELI & ANGELI” (“Angels & Angels”)- 19th place

1997 with “Luna” (“Moon”) – finalist

2002 with “Dimmi che mi ami” (“Tell me you love me”) – 17th place

2008 with “Musica e Parole” (“Music and Words”) – disqualified

2012 with “Respirare” (“To breath”), duet with Gigi D’Alessio – 4th place

2019 with “Cosa ti aspetti da me” (“What do you expect from me”)


40 years of career

17 studio albums, 5 live albums, 2 EPs and 3 official collections: Loredana Berté can boast a prolific musical career over 40 years. An eclectic and unconventional soul, her talent and strong personality have earned her the nickname of “Queen of Italian rock”. Still, with 68 years on her shoulders, she shows off her leather clothes and dyed blue hair. It is not just her style that makes her unique, but the tormented soul that finds its way into the unmistakable scratchy stamp of her songs. Among the most important trials of her career we will never forget “E la luna bussò” (“And the moon knocked”), “Non sono una signora” (“I’m not a lady”), “Sei Bellissima” (“You’re beautiful”), “Il mare d’inverno” (“The sea on wintertime”) and many other hits until today. In May 2018 Loredana Berté released the single “Non ti dico no” (“I don’t tell you no”) together with the Boomdabash: last summer’s hit and double platinum, it was the most popular song from Italian radio in 2018. The song is contained in the last album of Loredana, “Liberté”, released September 28, 2018. The album will be published in a special edition entitled “Liberté – Sanremo edition”, with the addition of the song “What do you expect from me” on 8 February.